Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Friday, May 30, 2008

USTDC Area Today

I think it's been quite a while since I posted an aerial view of the area in Taipei where the compounds used to be.

This view came from Google Earth and I added stick-pins to show where the compounds were, as well as the Linkou Club Annex (during 1973-74 anyway), the Club 63 and the Grand Hotel.

In the lower right, you'll see the end of the runway at the airport. Anyone who ever lived in the hostel became very familiar with the roar of jet aircraft coming in on final approach because they flew directly over those buildings.


Anonymous said...

I remember the roar of airplanes flying over. I was a kid when we lived in Taipei. My dad worked at DET.13 with the DOD. I remember coming out of the cafeteria and there would be a lowing flying plane and we'd stop and plug our ears.

Don said...

Absolutely! When I think about living there, the first thing I remember is the roar of passenger jets coming in on final approach. It was absolutely deafening!

Anonymous said...

I was stationed at USTDC for 15 months (69-70) and worked in the communications center. This was early Information Technology days. Matter of fact, it was called "Communications" and/or "Data Processing". "IT" wasn't evented yet. Then it was telegypes going through cryptology gear and from there either over the air or landline. The USTDC Cincpac Radio's callsign was "Print ShoP. Vice Admiral Chew was in charge while I was there. Upon making E4 Communication Yeoman Third Class, I and several buddies moved into a four-bedroom house in the outskirts. We were young and we all had a great time. Let's see... some of the guys I was stationed with were "Lt. Spellshouse, E4 Steve Homa, Tim Rosenbaum amoung others. American currancy was golden and I think the exchange rate was $5.00 US to $250.00 New Taiwan. We all had motor cycles. Fav hangout was the "63 Club". On our days off we would ride over Grass Mountan and snokel in a little bay. Great diving! Wish I could have explored more. Wish I could have stayed there longer. Instead, the Navy sent me to NavComSta Adak, Alasaka. From Heaven to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Lived there 1963 to 1969 in BOT housing in Tien Mou My now brother in law Andy Yacenda married my sister there Monica Valleyin 1968. My father ran the Officers Club Annex

Anonymous said...

Actually there were skid marks on the roof from some planes