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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Taiwan Chow Chow Club

Now here's one I never heard about when I was at TDC:

In the early sixties, Sarj Bloom was a member of the TCCC -- Taiwan Chow Chow Club -- which was a group of guys who met once a month at different restaurants in Taipei and consumed massive amounts of good food, along with numerous adult beverages. The group was not restricted to just USTDC personnel, nor was there any rank distinction. Both officers and enlisted personnel could be members of the group.

According to Sarj, the title of Pig of the Month was awarded to the guy who ate the most and who was the sloppiest while doing it. Members wore metal medallions on blue ribbons around their necks.

Displayed here is the TCCC logo and a menu for one of their feasts. Note that it was a ten course meal! Also note the phrase Ta Fun Tung; maybe someone here can translate that for us.

There were fines for not eating fast enough, not finishing a dish, etc. The objective was to win an award and a free meal by being a pig.

Sounds like my kind of organization!


Anonymous said...

"Ta Fan Tung" literally "Big Rice Barrel." Better translate this to "Dear Fellow Gluttons."

Anonymous said...

Now, for the trivia fans out there,
does anyone remember group that I was a member of called the Taipei Volunteer Fire Department?

The only fires they were known to have put out were those caused by their consumption of massive quantities of food and "adult beverages".

I could elaborate on some of the stunts they pulled but this is, after all, a family blog.

The TVFD members were all recognized by the little fire bells they were required to carry at all times.

Jim Sartor

Don said...

Gosh, I thought that I ate and drank as much as anyone back in those days, but I never heard of either of these groups.

That I'm still alive today seems to suggest that I got at least a little smarter after Taipei. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The TVFD are still there and drinking 'til their flat drunk the first Friday of every month. Google "taipei volunteer fire department" with the quote marks and you will find them.

titojohn said...

There is a listing of old members of TVFD here: TVFD Names On the Bell
I recognize a couple of the names:
Rudy Arevelo (Band Leader at Club 63 in the 60’s)
George O’Keefe (aka George O’Keeffe – Admiral Chew’s Aide)
John Quinn

Don said...

I see good old Jim Sartor's name on the bell also!