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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Florida Bakery and Back Alley Market

Sarj Bloom mentioned the Florida Bakery and the Back Alley Market in his Trip Down Memory Lane comments.

Today Kent Mathieu sent in some photos of the area that he took in 2006. He also provided a link to the bakery's website. Do you suppose they'd consider a delivery to Illinois?

During my visit to Taipei in 2006, we walked south on ChungShan North Road from the old Navy Exchange area and we stopped at the Florida Bakery for a snack. These photographs were taken inside the bakery shop. You can see the shop and some of the racks of goodies. The folks you see are my family members.

After a short rest, we walked a few doors down ChungShan North Road and discovered the walkway front entrance to the old Back Alley Market.

Careful; if you walk too fast, you will miss the entrance.

The hallway looks much cleaner today than the old area that I remember from the mid-1960s.

As the hallway ends, we step into the Back Alley Market and immediately see a customer ordering up a live chicken, probably destined for tonight's dinner.

These photographs were taken early on a Saturday morning and the stalls were just starting to open.

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Sarj Bloom said...

Kent......What a nice surprise to see these photos of Florida Bakery. I'm glad to know that someone else remembered the place and sent in photos of it as it is today. Real cool!