Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Photos of TDC Building

I received these two great photos of the USTDC main building from Stev Pitchford. They were taken during October, 1959.

In one of the other photos there was a corrugated steel awning over the main entrance, but in these photos there was no awning at all. During my time at TDC ('73-'74), the entrance had been remodeled a bit, including a permanent awning. No doubt there were a lot of other changes to the building over the years.

A few people have asked about the history of this building. Some say it was built by the Japanese and one person said he heard that it might have been used as a prison.

Any other ideas?


Rory O'Neil said...

Don, I will ask Jenny Lee if the current effort to save former Japanese prisons from development include the USTDC building.

Don said...

Rory, the TDC building was torn down years ago. Today that area is a taxi cab rest area, next to the fine arts museum.