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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snake Alley

Several months ago I wrote about a visit to Taipei's Snake Alley. I just found this video over on YouTube and thought it might bring back some memories. The place has been modernized quite a lot (I don't remember a roof over it) but it seems to have about the same atmosphere.

Bon appetit!

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Anonymous said...

Snake alley has changed a lot. Like a lot of the night markets it has cleaned up and sanitised.

Sort of like bull fighting it is one of those things that you might have experienced but not been wholly comfortable about.

I remember in the '80s being brave enough to go down one of the side alleys where the brothels and prostitutes were. I was told not to stop and I didn't! Not only was it a depressing site but it was clear that westerners were most definitely not welcome.