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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Detour To Sun Moon Lake

Sarj Bloom documented his long and bumpy ride to Sun Moon Lake with these photos. Here are his comments:

Here are a couple of photos of my car navigating the river bank that we had to drive along for a very long distance. The main highway was shut down because of a rock and mud slide and this river bank, which was actually part of the dry part of the river, became our road. It was ridiculous as you can see.

My wife and her two guests, Chinese American young women, had to get out of the car so it didn't hit bottom as badly. To top this off, a bottle of Pepsi blew up in the back seat and injured one of the girls.

I was lucky that only the tailpipe and muffler came off and the oil pan had some real nice dents in it. I put the car in the garage as soon as I got back to Taipei. Does this even look like a road to you? We must have traveled like this for three hours. We laughed and kept saying that we may never get back to civilization. Always the photographer, I had to shoot the pictures myself. I would get out of the car along with the women and survey the road, take a picture, get back in the car and pray. Oh my poor '57 Chevy!

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Anonymous said...


I'm sure the roads have improved since our days back then. I suppose you know your 2 door 57 Bel Air would sell on the collector market for big bucks these days....not specifically that one as it was probably junked years ago. But it would be a real collector car now.

Thanks for the great photos, all of them.