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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Taiwan Report Index

During the past few months, I've posted pages from the "Taiwan Report - Taipei Edition," a booklet that was published by the U.S. Taiwan Defense Command in 1973. The booklet was sent to American servicemen and women being assigned to Taiwan and it was designed to ease their transition into their new surroundings. It's a great historical record of life in the Taipei area as experienced by American military personnel 35 years ago.

Les Duffin kept a copy of the booklet all these years and has been kind enough to scan and share all 118 pages. I've posted them pretty much as I've received them, but the 15 chapters (plus intro and quick reference sections) are not always easy to find in the chronological format of a blog.

So today's post contains the complete index to Taiwan Report, with individual links to each section. My objective is to make it easier for readers to "thumb through" the booklet from page 1 to page 118. I'm also adding a link somewhere in the right-hand column of the blog so you can come directly to this posting at any time in the future.

Keep in mind that if you click on each of the pages within each chapter, you'll be able to view the full-size image.

Thanks again to Les for having the foresight to preserve this historical document and for taking the time to share it with all of us.


gene said...

Great stuff. Lookin it over I can not find pages 10 & 11. Page 9 is a map of the HSA Compounds the naxt Page is Page 12 the first page of "Chapter 1: US Military Units in the Taipei Area (Part 1)'. and page 18, 19 & 20
The last page in "chapter 1: US Military Units in the Taipei Area (Part 3)" is a phot on page 17. The first page on Chapter 2: History and Facts (Part 1) is page 21.

Don said...

Gene, I assume that the missing pages were either blank or were just filler pages that Les decided not to scan.

I posted all the pages that I received.

Don said...

Okay Gene, Les just sent me pages 10 and 11 of the Intro section of Taiwan Report and I added them a few minutes ago.

Thanks for catching that.