Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shih Lin Area Today

I received a note from a friend regarding a piece that I wrote during March of last year titled "Getting Around In Taipei." It included this photo which I think was Shih Lin around 1973.

He checked the area in Google Maps and highlighted what he believes to be the same gray building on the hill in the background of the top photo.


Anonymous said...

The grey building was opened in 1966 with a bowling alley and an ice skating rink mentioned in the following post.
The bowling alley is still running its business today but the ice rink got closed many years ago.

Don said...

I'm pretty certain that this is where the "TDC Nooner's League" used to go bowling (at noon, obviously) every Thursday. Every once in a while, one or two of us would return to work after bowling.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose this is where the TDC Nooners League bowled every Thursday, since you mentioned that the bowling alley they went to was in Tienmu instead of Shihlin, and you don't remember anything about an ice skating rink? In the grey building, the ice skating rink is on the first floor and the bowling alley is on the second.

Don said...

Honestly, Victor, I have no idea where we bowled. All I remember is that we usually went from the bowling alley to the Club 63 -- now The American Club -- after we finished our games. I don't recall a skating rink, but after 30 years, I'm sure that I've forgotten more than I remember.

But you're probably right because I think I would remember a first floor ice rink and a second floor bowling alley and I have no memory of that set-up at all.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

titojohn said...

There was a bowling alley located in the HSA West Compound which would have made it a more convenient location for a TDC Nooner's League; not to mention the proximity to Club 63 for refreshments after bowling. :)

Don said...

Well yeah, John, but that was just a short walk from the office and they might very well expect us to come back to work after bowling!