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Monday, February 23, 2009

Returning to Taiwan -- Update

I just learned that the Taiwan vets who are planning to return there in September have received permission to tour The American Club In China, the private club that moved to the old Club 63 (China Seas) building after the U.S. withdrawal.

I'm sure that those who enjoyed many hours in that beautiful facility back in the day would like to see what it looks like today. If you're interested -- even if you think you might be interested -- drop Kent Mathieu a note as soon as possible.

Though I will be unable to make the trip, I recently checked the price for a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Taipei and saw that it was in the $1200 range -- not cheap, but not outrageous either. You may be able to do a lot better. Adding hotels (off-season in Taiwan), meals and incidentals, you could probably do the whole trip for less than about $2500. Maybe quite a bit less, depending on your location and tastes.

Kent's GIs Returning To Taiwan site is here and the trip details are here. His email address is as pictured here:

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