Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I didn't have my family with me in Taipei, but those who did will surely remember Taipei American School, as well as some of the parochial schools mentioned here. Today's TAS website is located here. The TAS Stateside Alumni website can be found here.

The University of Maryland had a resident campus at TAS, as it had at military facilities all over the world. Though I didn't take any classes while in Taipei, sad to say, I later completed on-base course work through the University of Maryland, UC Berkeley, Park University and other schools enroute to my degree.

Once again, many thanks to Les Duffin for taking the time to scan these pages from "Taiwan Report."


Misty said...

I went to St. Vincent de Paul kindergarten. It was up near the circle at the top of Tienmu.

I don't know what happened to it.

Don said...

Misty, I googled around a bit and was wondering if this might be the same school:


Misty said...

No, that's another much larger place. There were only about 40 children at my school in total.

The location is here

25° 7'22.01"N

On google earth the building still exists but as I have not been up that far into Tiemmu in quite a while I can't confirm if it is really still there or not. I am sure the building is the same one as it ties in with the photos we have.

George said...

If I remember correctly the Dominican School was located on a slight hill not far from Club 63. When going north on the Yuan Shan Bridge, you took the fork in the road to the right after crossing the bridge and went about a mile or two passing Club 63 along the river instead of taking the road to Shih Lin and Yangmingshan. I remember going there once for a sporting event.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the wonderful things you find on the internet. Went to TAS from '77 to '79. Well...not much of '79. ;)

quinn said...

i went to the dominican school from '69-75' and then a short stint at tas until we moved back to the states. i had friends who went to another christian school called : bethany as well.