Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chungshan Bridge and The Grand Shrine

Did you know that the Grand Hotel is built on the former site of the Taiwan Grand Shrine?

Did you know that today's Chungshan North Road was originally called Chokushi Road?

Did you know that the road was built as a pathway to the shrine, in preparation for a visit by Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito in 1923?

Frequent contributor George Dean alerted me to this Wikipedia article that provides a brief history of the Taiwan Grand Shrine. Included in the article is this Japanese painting of the shrine. At the bottom of the painting you'll see the bridge that I discussed yesterday.


george said...

From the angle of the painting (or print) even though it is from above......take a look at the location and angle of the image. It was probably copied from an early black and white photo by the artist and color added to enhance. But I do believe that the original photo which was basis for the print was eilther taken on the bank of the river or from the air....guess where? On the road near the USTDC entrance. Any thoughts?

Stev said...

George, I think you have the location pretty well pinned down. There is an aerial photo of the USTDC compound that Don posted on May 11, 2008. If you were able to look back over your right shoulder from where that picture was taken, you'd be pretty close to the viewpoint for the painting.