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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clothing in Taiwan

Chapter 11 of the Taiwan Report described what types of clothing were generally worn, as well as their availability in-country. It also provided tips for clothing maintenance.

Many people had clothes custom made while I was there in the mid-seventies, though I think it was more common a few years earlier. Friends of mine who visited Hong Kong said that they could visit a tailor in the morning to pick out a suit style and fabric and be measured, return for a fitting in the afternoon and have the suit delivered to their hotel by evening.

My wardrobe was pretty simple in those days. Still is, come to think of it. Anyway, what I remember most is how the high humidity and frequent rainfall made everything feel damp most of the time. I had just spent about five years in Colorado Springs, with its cool and dry climate before heading to Taipei, so it was quite an adjustment.

After leaving USTDC, I was assigned to a base near Houston, Texas, and barely noticed the high humidity there.


sarj said...

I think that I said in an earlier comment that I had clothes made a Kay Tailors right down the street from the Compounds.
Ivy League was still in style back in the early 60's and I had about 6 short sleeve cotton shirts made with button down collars and of course a button in the back too. I had a Sport Coat made also with my name embroidered inside. I thought about having slacks and shoes made too, but never did it.
I still wear this same style of shirt to this day without the button in the back though. Remember the slacks in those days had a buckle in the back too. Ivy League was the style. Crew neck sweaters, Penny Loafers , and you were really styling man.

George said...


You must have looked really cool...... Just like big brother Wally on "Leave it to Beaver."

sarj said...

Ha Ha George That is the look and was the look. Wally

Don said...

Hey, NOBODY was cooler than Wally!

Okay, maybe Dobie Gillis was cooler, but that's only because Maynard G. Krebbs made him look good.

titojohn said...

In the early 60's I had my clothes made by Tailor Loo. When he first started, he would make is rounds of the barracks occupants in the Signal(East) Compound. He would carry samples of fabric and a book of suit styles and such. He later established a shop in the Signal Compound.

Club 63 required coat and tie to get into the main dining room on Friday nights, us guys would get all "duded" up and go to the club for dinner on Friday nights. I remember there was a young girl (Mimi?) that sold paper rose boutonnières for 10NT at the door of the 63 Club.

And, who can forget the obilgatory "Taiwan Jacket" with the embroidered dragons, US/ROC flags such. I think I got mine at the tailor shop near the Linkou Annex Club.