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Saturday, November 1, 2008

1931 Taipei Photos on YouTube

Sarj alerted me to this YouTube link. It's a slide show of Taipei photographs taken before 1931, long before any of us were assigned there. About 38 seconds into the clip, there's a photo of the building on Grass Mountain that once served as Hostel #1 for US military personnel.

In this entry that I posted back in May, Stev provided photographs of the place that he took in 1959. He also submitted some aerial photos of the place from Google Earth in this entry during July.

As George pointed out in that same entry, the facility ceased to be a dormitory in 1969 and it was turned over to the park authority until 1981 when it became the Taipei Teachers' In-service Education Center, as it remains today. Their website can be found here.

Does anyone know the earlier history of the building?

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George said...

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