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Saturday, November 13, 2010

USTDC Chiefs of Staff

I recently posted the complete list of all the admirals who served as USTDC Commander.   Historically, the Air Force assigned a brigadier general as Chief of Staff to each of the USTDC Commanders.  However, the very first Chief of Staff under the first USTDC Commander was Navy Rear Admiral Charles Cochran Kirkpatrick.   RADM Frank W. Fenno had been Commander of the Formosa Liaison Center in 1955 until it was renamed USTDC .

1955 - 1956

1956 - 1957


titojohn said...

The Chief of Staff 64-67 was BGEN Kenneth O. Sanborn. I don't know exact dates.

Don said...

According to his Air Force biography, he was in Taipei from 1960 to 1965, filling various positions including Chief of MAAG.

Based on John's comment and the bio, I think for now I'll plug him in for the period 1964-1965 as TDC Chief of Staff. If I find out otherwise later, I'll change it.

Anonymous said...

He was Commander of the 13th AF
in, at least 60-62, if the 60-65
is correct.

Sarj Bloom said...

I think you have the dates right on Sutterlin and Sanborn. I sent you a photo of the group of officers at the change of command in 1962 and at the far right is Sutterlin. Melson was speaking and you can see Smoot in the ranks with everyone else. I also may have told you that the first day anyone could go out after Typhoon Gloria Sept 63 I saw Sanborn in civies walking down Canal Rd. going away from TDC as I was walking towards it. I didn't know if I should salute or not and decided not to. I'll email the photo again of the group of officers.

Sarj Bloom said...

Another thing about Sutterlin. I wonder if I took the portrait of him? No way of telling I guess, but we did shoot officer portraits

Anonymous said...

This page, and your whole site, is a great testament to those who served Taiwan for the U.S. military. Our time on Taiwan was life-changing and obviously unforgettable.

Thank you,

John Des Portes (son of TDC Chief of Staff Brig. General John A. Des Portes)
Tucson, Arizona