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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Taiwanese Memory After World War II

In my memory while I was the student of the elementary school, some of my classmates, girls or boys, had no shoes to protect their feet when they went to school in the summer or in the winter, no matter rainy day or sunny day. But, I was lucky although my shoes were not new and they were my aunt's old shoes.
After WWII in Taiwan, not only US Aid from US government but also many aid items from American people that I could see in the church, including clothes, medicines, food ( milk powder, wheat groats), etc. In elementary schools, all the students could enjoy the milk about 500 cc every week. The younger girls and boys in nursery school of the church could enjoy the hot and sweet food of wheat groats. Some of the students in elementary school who had eyes illness could accept medicine treatment ( kind of ointment in tube) every day.

My grandfather who passed away about 20 years ago was a grower of pine trees in the mountains of the middle Taiwan when I was a little girl.

In my memory, he sent US Army a lot of pine trees before Christmas was coming in December every year and US Army gave my grandfather some bags of flour and wheat groats as gifts. At that time, my grandmother and mom used the flour to make many steamed buns and delicious dumplings for meals, sometimes, I could take some at home and shared with my friends happily when we were hungry after school. I knew the flour was from USA because I saw the US flag printed on the outside of the bag.

In my heart and feeling, the friendship between Taiwanese people and USA was warm and so kind. USA government was really friendly helping Taiwanese people to restore their living since WWII was over.

However, I hope that USA would never forget the relationship with Taiwan and the people of Taiwan island.

Written by a Taiwanese


Scott said...

To our Taiwan friend of the last posting,

I think you would be so very happy to know that on 17 Dec 2010, AIT in conjunction with the National Taipei Library will co-host the American Footsteps in Taiwan exhibition. It will last until 24 Jan 2011. USAID (known as CACO back in the 50's and 60s for US and Taiwan food and other assistance programs) will be a major portion of the exhibition. This exhibition highlights the strong relationship between the US and Taiwan. As well, the exhibition will highlight the US and Taiwan military relationship.

Vr, Scott Ellinger
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that most of the generation born after 1970 don't even know that there were U.S. Military stationed in Taiwan, and the United States and Taiwan used to stand side by side.

David Yang

Audrey Deng said...

Somehow to share the memory and old story with someone or a friend is so sweet, especially, to let the wording peacefully express one's thinking and feeling is just like a key that could unlock the door of someone's heart. Understanding would make each other become the best mind reader. Isn't it?

Sarj Bloom said...

Thank you for writing this letter to the blog. When I first came to Taiwan I saw a country that was as my grandparents represented their days in the USA. The need for basics such as shoes, heat,running water and such things. They didn't take for granted those simple things. The year was 1961 but I saw Taiwan as the USA during the depression era that my parents talked about so much. Those of us that were privileged to serve and spend time there felt very close to the people and the ideals of the country being free. We still feel that way and I for one am disappointed that our government doesn't support you as they should. I pray that Taiwan gets it's independence.

Audrey Deng said...

Dear Scott,

After researching online, I found two places as following:

國立中央圖書館總館 (National Central Library) 位於台北市中正區中山南路
國立中央圖書館台灣分館 (National Taiwan Library) 位於台北縣中和市中安街

Would you please let me know which library is correct?

I have to correctly make the address for sure , then I can advertise this information at my website and send the notice to all my friends by e-mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you A.S.A.P.


Audrey Deng

Scott said...


The American Footsteps in Taiwan exhibition will be held from Dec 17,2010 to Jan 24, 2011 at the 國立中央圖書館總館 (National Central Library) 位於台北市中正區中山南路.

It will be open to the public starting at 2:00 pm (tentative) on Dec 17.


Audrey Deng said...

Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for your kind reply.


Jeannette said...

My daughter is researching the effect of diplomatic decisions regarding Taiwan on the culture and political climate for her middle school History Day project. I am so glad that we came across this letter and wondered if it would be okay to use it as a resource for her research. Any other personal accounts that you would be interested to share would be wonderful. She would need to give credit to the source in her bibliography. We would be happy to contact you offline.

Don said...

Jeanette, please contact me directly regarding your request: