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Sunday, November 28, 2010

List of Military Assistance Advisory Group Chiefs

Scott Ellinger has assembled the complete list of MAAG Chiefs from 1951 to 1979.  At the end of the list are photographs of all of them.

There was a brief period in 1958 when USTDC and MAAG were combined, but it was ultimately determined that this structure was neither as efficient nor as effective as two separate entities.  The Communist Chinese artillery attacks on Quemoy and Matsu during August of that year were largely responsible for the return to the former command structure.

蔡斯 MG William C. Chase: May 1951 - Jun 1955
史邁斯 MG George W. Smythe: Jun 1955 - Sep 1956
鮑恩 MG Frank S. Bowen: Sep 1956 - Jul 1958
杜安 MG L. L. Doan: Jul 1958 - Aug 1960
戴倫 MG Chester A. Dahlen: Aug 1960 - Aug 1962
桑鵬 Maj Gen Kenneth O. Sanborn: Aug 1962 - Aug 1965 
江森 MG Dwight B. Johnson: Aug 1965 - Jun 1967
戚烈拉 MG Richard G. Ciccolella: Jun 1967 - Mar 1970
泰勒 MG Livingston N. Taylor: Mar 1970 - Dec 1971
巴恩斯 MG John W. Barnes: Dec 1971 - Dec 1973
那水德 MG Slade Nash: Dec 1973 - Jun 1976
馮納准將 BG Leslie R. Forney Jr.: Jun 1976 - Sep 1977
崔仕克上校 CAPT Ace F. Trask: Dec 1977 - Jul 1978
湯普遜上校 Col Hadley N. Thompson: Jun 1978 - Feb 1979

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mugina said...

Are you aware of any information as to the listing of duty assignments and responsibilities or functions of Army Section officers? My father was assigned twice to MAAG ROC. Our family was there in Taichung 1965-1966 and then 1969-1972 in Taipei.