Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, November 8, 2010

List of USTDC Commanders

Many thanks to LTC Scott Ellinger for his research into the identities of all ten admirals who served as Commander, U.S. Taiwan Defense Command (COMUSTDC).  Following this list is a photograph of each admiral.

(殷格索中將) VADM Stuart H. Ingersoll: Nov 1955 - Jul 1957
(竇亦樂中將) VADM Austin K. Doyle: Jul 1957 - Jul 1958
(史慕德中將) VADM Roland N. Smoot: Jul 1958 - May 1962
(梅爾遜中將) VADM Charles L. Melson: May 1962 - Jul 1964
(耿特納中將) VADM William E. Gentner Jr.: Jul 1964 - Jul 1967
(邱約翰中將) VADM John L. Chew: Jul 1967 - Aug 1970
(包柏格中將) VADM Walter H. Baumberger: Aug 1970 - Sep 1972
(貝善誼中將) VADM Philip A. Beshany: Sep 1972 - Aug 1974
(史奈德中將) VADM Edwin K. Snyder: Aug 1974 - Aug 1977
(林德少) RADM James B. Linder: Aug 1977 - Apr 1979

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Zhuxiu said...

What about US Naval Attaches? Does anyone remember the name of the Naval Attache from 1963-1964?

Don said...


As far as I know, the US Naval Attaches were not assigned to the US Taiwan Defense Command.

Zhuxiu said...

Don, I understand that the Naval Attaches were diplomatic postings and not part of USTDC. I was just wondering if anyone worked up a similar list as that one for TDC.

titojohn said...


I found this:
Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - Apr 3, 1963
TAIPEI&Capt Andrew. W Long of Springfield Mo outgoing naval attache of the U.S. Embassy was awarded Nationalist China's Order of the Cloud and Banner...