Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Photos of Admirals

Sarj Bloom, who was one of the USTDC photographers, has provided many great photos for the blog during the past couple of years or so.  He recently sent me these three, which were probably taken during May of 1962.

Major General Sanborn, USTDC Chief of Staff (left) and Vice Admiral Melson, USTDC Commander (second from right).  I don't know who the ROC officers are.

Vice Admiral and Mrs. Smoot departing Taiwan

 (l to r) Vice Admiral Smoot, probably the Chief of MAAG Taiwan, and Vice Admiral Melson


Scott said...


The MAAG Chief is MG Chester A. Dahlen.


Victor said...

I think the person second from left in the first photo is Peng, Meng-Chi彭孟緝, a four-star General-in-Chief of Taiwan in the early 1960s.

The last two photos were taken at the Songshan Airport in Taipei on May 8, 1962, the day Vice Admiral and Mrs. Smoot left Taiwan.

Sarj Bloom said...

Thanks to Victor I can put a date to the photos of Smoots Departure and the change of command. I have some other photos of ROC officers maybe Victor can place a name to them.

Anonymous said...

That is definitely not peng meng-chi in that photo.

titojohn said...

The gentleman in question is likely Admiral Ni Yue-Si then Commander ROC Navy. Admiral Ni had a interesting history, as he commanded the ship that brought Chiang Kai-shek from mainland China to Taiwan.