Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Friday, June 27, 2008

Chinese Opera

Sarj Bloom sent in these night photos from 1962 that were taken in his old neighborhood on Min Sin E. Road.

This Chinese Street Opera took place at the intersection where my building was located. I lived on the far side of the building from the sounds, but that didn't help much. I decided I might as well go down and check it out since sleeping was out of the question. On the right side of the photo you can see the corner of the building I lived in.


Anonymous said...

I guess this type of opera may be more appropriately called Taiwanese opera, as it was originated from Ilan of Taiwan and is quite different from the Peking opera (the so-called Chinese opera).

Sarj Bloom said...

Thank you , I had no idea there was a difference. Very interesting to be sure. Can you tell from the characters? Or the writings or story lines? I'm glad you set the record straight.