Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Friday, August 8, 2008

Still More Postcards

Three more early 1960s postcards from Sarj. Once again, I've included the descriptions on the reverse above each photo.

The Presidential Mansion, Taipei. On October 10th, Chinese National Day, the President of the Republic of China may review spectacular parade and pageantry colors. The new tradition has become one of the tourist highlights.

Yangmingshan Park, in the northern suburb of Taipei. A most popular scenic spot
during the cherry blossom and azalea season in the spring.

Taipei is modernizing herself everyday. This is one of the administrative centers right under the newly-built overpass at Chungshan and Chungshen Roads, two main thoroughfares.


Don said...

That photo of Yangmingshan Park sure looks familiar to me. Did residents gather there for Moon Festival? I remember going to a park with a local family and I think it may have been this one.

George said...

In the first postcard of the Presidential Mansion, we used to call it the "MND" "Ministry of National Defense" which occupied part of the building. Here's one for you. How many of you can say you went inside that building.

OK, I went inside twice daily on mail runs(entered through the rightmost door) and even had tea and cookies in the Officer's lunchroom (Boy did I feel uncomfortable with some of those guys staring at me there - an E4, but they treated me well). But one of the officers invited me in so I went along for tea only once.