Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Provost Marshall

If you were assigned to USTDC, or anywhere else in the Taipei area, you undoubtedly passed through the Provost Marshall's Office (PMO) in the Headquarters Support Activity west compound. That's where you received the various identification cards and licenses that you needed to survive in the city.

The sign for the first station in this photo has to do with some sort of license, registration and passes. The second sign reads "Chinese ID Cards, Chinese Drivers License and Military Drivers License." The third sign reads "POV Import." The fourth sign reads "License Plate Issue, POV Registration and Change of Title." The fifth sign reads "POV Export and Sale of POV."

I can't make out the last three signs, but you can see the general types of services that were provided here.
I once left my wallet in the backseat of a cab and had to visit PMO the next morning to replace all of my cards. I think I had to fill out a statement saying where I thought I lost it, etc., but that was about it.

About a month later someone turned in the wallet and I had to go back over to PMO to pick it up. It still had all my old cards and a couple of NT in it, but of course the few dollars I had in the wallet were gone.

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