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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Navy Commissary

I seldom shopped at the commissary in the HSA compound because I lived in the hostel and rarely prepared food. I had a refrigerator, an electric coffee pot and a small toaster oven in my room but the oven didn't get much use. I remember preparing frozen dinners from time to time but not often.

Am I correct in thinking that lunch meat could be purchased at the commissary but it was always frozen?

What about dairy products? I was never much of a milk drinker but I remember that on Okinawa back in the 1960s, they sold something called "recombined milk" that tasted like...well, let's just say that it didn't taste much like milk.

I wonder how much food went directly from this place to Taiwanese homes in the surrounding area? I'm not picking on the locals, by the way; I've seen the same thing happen at Air Force bases in the States. It ticked me off then also.

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sarj said...

I can't remember buying anything frozen when I was there. We didn't have microwaves or even an oven. Everything was fried. I'm sure we bought peanut butter, bread and canned goods. Of course I lived mostly on beer for those two years anyway.
I do remember that apples were like gold to the locals I would buy some for my wife's parents but not often. My wife bought something for her sister once and I told her not to do it again. Her husband agreed that it was not right.
Nice to see the photo, I had forgotten how it looked, thanks a lot!