Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Civilian Employee Pamphlet

Just as at other military organizations around the world, Department of Defense civilians contributed greatly to the successful operation of USTDC.  In most cases, these folks were career civil servants who voluntarily relocated to Taiwan, bringing their families and household goods with them.

Moving to a new place is often a challenge, especially when that place is halfway around the world.  So in 1962, the Pacific Air Command (PACAF) published a pamphlet specifically for DOD civilians moving to Taiwan.  It was similar to the "Taiwan Report" brochure that USTDC published for incoming military personnel, but addressed some issues that were unique to civilian employees.

Scott in Taiwan was kind enough to provide me with images of every page from that document a while back.  I converted them to a single PDF (Adobe) document and I've made it available for download.  If you'd like to have a copy, just click HERE.


Victor said...

The image on the cover page is Lotus Lake(蓮池潭), Kaohsiung. The hill in the background is Banping Mountain(半屏山).

Victor said...

It's very interesting to see a comment on page 2 of this 1962 pamphlet.

"The inhabitants of Taiwan and off-shore islands number over 11 million... Taiwan has a high birth rate, with its relatively high standards of public health, and a low death rate. The current rate of population increase has been estimated at more than 3% annually, which would result in a doubling of the population within 20 years."

The number of the population of Taiwan is as follows. Guess the prediction wasn't so accurate.
1962 11,584,942
1982 18,515,754
1999 22,092,387
2008 23,037,031

Ironically, now Taiwan has the lowest birth rate in the world after 50 years.