Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, December 27, 2010

West Compound 1958

Here's another clip from 1958 showing the dispensary in the west compound.  Click HERE to watch the short video.  Notice the sign in this photo from the clip.  It was straight ahead from the west compound entrance and near the back of the compound.  It displayed different things over the years, but the sign itself remained, probably until the compounds were destroyed.

That brings up another question that I've had for some time.  Does anyone happen to know when the east and west compounds, along with the USTDC building, were demolished?


Bill said...

No, but I do they were still there in 1984. I was there on business back in March 84 and they were still standing but closed.....

Don said...

I did a little digging and found that the Taipei Fine Arts Museum opened in December 1983. (

Of course that was well north of the east compound, but it was just to the west of USTDC. Bill, do you recall if the USTDC building was still there during March 1984?

Scott said...

Hmmm,I thought this was the sign that had MAAG on it, I guess things change with time..


Don said...

You're right, Scott; this is the same sign that had the MAAG symbol on it, probably shortly after the "Taiwan Base Command" sign. By the time I arrived in 1973-74, it was the emblem of the Navy's Headquarters Support Activity.

Kent said...

I found this note regarding the discussion.

On 25 November 1955, "A Taiwan Base Command was established by MAAG to provide a centralized services on an island-wide basis for many services which had not been provided in the past."

During this period, things were changing in Taiwan.

On the 1st of November 1955, The Formosa Liaison Center was reorganized and renamed United States Taiwan Defense Command.

The sign changed names over time.

It started as MAAG, then Taiwan Base Command and finally HQ Support Activity.

It was seen by most, offered directions to many, and stood until it came down with the rest of the West Compound whenever that may have occurred.

We have at least 3 different photos of the sign with different names. Could there be more?