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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FASD Hostel Opening

Today's video, courtesy of Wang Chun, shows the opening of the FASD Hostel on August 26, 1963.  I believe that this was the older of the two hostels that were there during my assignment in 1973-74.  I lived in the newer one, which was located behind this building.

The quality of these old film clips isn't good, and this one has no sound track, but I think it's important that they be available to the public for historical purposes.

Mr. Wang wrote:
Taipei FASD Hostel was built and operated by Combined Logistics Command, CLC (聯勤總部).
The Chinese general in this clip is Lai Min Tong(賴名湯). He was the commanding general of CLC then. And in the subsequent decade he became commander of Chinese Air Force and finally climed up to the top of the whole military structure. It's something like Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff in US. In Chinese, we call it 「參謀總長」.
As for the American general in this clip, I think it is Maj Gen Kenneth O. Sanborn.
After American military withdrew out of Taiwan, CLC converted FASD Hostel to a civil hostel and opened to the public. In early 1980's, I've joined a wedding banquet in former FASD Hostel restaurant which was called ''Rainbow Hall''(彩虹廳).


titojohn said...

Great video, great times and great memories! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

We stayed in the hostel upon arrival on Taiwan. Also does anyone remember the Diamond hotel in Taiwan circa 1968? We stayed there also had a resturant in lobby.
My 10 year old brother and my 8 year old silly self called the receptionist and quoted some Bill Cosby sayings to her. She thought it was funny my parents got wind of it and needless to say we did not think it was too funny after they got their hands on us.