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Monday, January 5, 2009

Navy Coveralls?

I received an email from ROC Navy LTJG Tiu a couple of days ago. He asked if there was any way to purchase US Navy coveralls anywhere besides the Exchange. He and some others would like to purchase a few of them.

I told him that I didn't know of any sources, but that I'd post his request here. If you have any ideas, you can either post them here or contact LTJG Tiu directly. Type the following address in the "To:" block of whatever email program you're using:

Here's a portion of the text of his message:

I am a LTJG in the Navy of Taiwan (ROC). I have read the articles on your blog and felt proud and suprised about the connection between US and Taiwan throught the history.

Some of my crew would like to buy the navy blue coveralls from the Navy Exchange. Some officers in the Navy got those coveralls when they participated in [a project in North Carolina]. Because of the coveralls' great quality, some of my crew would like to get them as well. However, most military on-line shops don't sell the kind sold in NEX, and the Navy Exchange requires US military identity and SSN to access.

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Anonymous said...

What about take the part number of the Navy Coverall and google it. You may find them in Ebay, surplus store, or other internet sites.