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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Naval Hospital

The photograph pretty much says it all. This is where you went for medical diagnoses, treatments, and shots for various conditions.

Anyone care to guess the year of that red VW Beetle? I owned a 1966, model 1300, which I think this one could be also.


Sarj Bloom said...

The first time I was here was in Dec of '61 for an eye injury (detached retina) and since they didn't have an opthamologist
they would send me downtown to a Chinese Doctor Mrs. Fan every two days or so. Finally she said the ride to her office in a jeep was very bad for me and recommended no movement at all in order to heal. They then sent me to Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

You mentioned SHOTS....for what?

Don said...

Sarj wrote: You mentioned SHOTS....for what?

You know, shots for...stuff. Then before they headed home, some went there for a blood test to see if they needed more shots for...stuff.

Sarj Bloom said...

Stuff? Oh yeah! I was just waiting to hear how you answered that.
I was there once for a bad back, I could hardly walk, and they did an x-ray but it finally went away. Through the years I has a lot of bouts with back problems but after 40 I never had any problems again.
I also went there for advice and meds for anxiety attacks after being released from Clark. I found out that during my bed rest in Clark they gave me Valium and then cut me lose. No wonder I thought the ceiling looked so nice for a month.

Anonymous said...

Don/ Sarj,

I only used the Naval Hospital a few times in two years, but it was a nice facility. I worked on the new 327th AD HQ building at Taipei Air Station in 1973, running telephone cable in all the office areas. The Taiwan contractor had conduit for power, but not phones, so we had to use ram-sets and concrete nails to anchor the cables to the concrete walls, just above the baseboards. I missed the ram-set many times, smashing my index knuckle repeatedly. Finally after a few weeks of that, my knuckle really hurt; I went to the Taipei Air Station clinic, and they sent me to the Naval Hospital. They xrayed and said the bone was ‘smashed’, and put on a temp cast. That was that. I remember the doctor writing in my medical records: “advised patient to refrain from hitting knuckle with hammer”! Oh, and for pain relief, all they had then was aspirin!


John Hurst

cobrachen said...

I believe this is the hospital in the area called Shi-Pai in Taipei city, next to the General Ventran Hospital, correct?

If this is right, I used to live there when the hospital still running and this photo brought back some memory.

The hospital is gone and become part of the general ventran hospital. If you would like to see the latest photos of the campus, I can tak some shots next month when I go back to visit. My parents lives 10 minutes walking distance from there.

This is my first visit here.

Don said...

Cobrachen, I'd be pleased to have some current photos of the area, if you have time during your next visit.

The exact location is described in the comments to the following posting:

cobrachen said...


After I read the link you provided, I can confirm that we are tlaking about the same hospital.

In one of the comments in that article mentioned some experiment in the hospital, I thought I heard something like that before, but mainly the satory was trying to scare kids, not for real.

My father worked for the Ventrance hosptial form more than 30 years and the last place we lived on the hospital campus was across the street of the Naval hospital. There were bus stops just outisde it for both ways. When we first lived there, the hospital was running, then it closed later.

Later it was rebuilt into copule high-rise as doctors' family apartments, one larger research building and exercise facilities, including an outdoor
swimming pool.

Check out this map link:,121.523809&spn=0.003414,0.005488&t=h&z=18

Try to find the green tennis corts, that's the place where the old Naval Hospital was.

Anonymous said...

I believe the hospital next to the Naval Hospital is called the Veterans General Hospital, where I was born and grew up because my father was a doctor of the hospital as well. My family lived on the hospital campus across the street of the Naval Hospital in 1975-1986, so perhaps we know each other? My family moved to Kaohsiung after my father was transferred to the Veterans General Hospital in Kaohsiung in 1990.

cobrachen said...


I think we may know each other. Do you remember the wall infront of the apartment which has painted red in the middle?

You can send email to

Fred said...

I'm wondering if this is the same facility my Father worked at...he was stationed in Taiwan from 58-61, I believe...I'm actually looking at a Letter of Commendation that my Father received from a 1stLt. Ashby (later Col?) OIC, TDC Det ChiaYi dated 6 Nov 1959...My Father's name was Ted "R." Love. At the time of his assignment with MAAG, he was a HM2.


Frederick P. Love, MSgt., USAF (Ret.)

justme said...

what an awesome memory jogger! i remember carrying my lil bro in there after my sister threw him into the corner of a coffee table. the staff was pretty enthralled with us as we weren't military deps and there were 5 of us and he was bleeding and there were no cell phones to call her in @ 1973. My mom also almost worked there later on but that's another story. we too, along with several friends, lived across the street somewhat but further down. yea, the vet hospital was just down the road and I remember it seemed huge and smelled of antiseptic. great photo post!

Scarlett said...

Oh my, how much do I love this photo? I was there between 1976-78 under CO Capt. Ling - who was also the obstetrician for the hospital. We assisted in delivering quite a few little ones during that time - I worked Labor & Delivery as well as the Nursery. Cmdr Porter was the Charge Nurse and she was the best. I actually lived in the apartment buildings you see just behind the hospital. Thank you so much for posting this - it was so long ago but I have the greatest memories. Priceless! Prior to living there I was on the East Compound BEQ and I loved the Boat's who managed it. He was my Pop away from home!