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Sunday, June 15, 2008

There's a Mister Ramen on Line One

I just received this gem from Sarj Bloom, who has been scanning some of his old slides with his new scanner:

So you say you liked the taste of noodles in Taiwan? You've heard of "road kill?" Well, these are "road noodles." These are actual noodles hanging out alongside the road to dry. Ah...ramen and flies and road dust!

I took this shot on the way to Kao Shung on Highway One, which was the main north-south route in 1962-1963, though there wasn't much car and truck traffic on it in those days.
Sarj, I don't think I ever saw noodles drying in the sun during the seventies, but then I didn't get out much either...unless you count the Club 63 stag bar or the bowling alley.

For detailed instructions on how to prepare these delicious noodles -- the primary diet of college students all over the world -- check out this YouTube presentation.

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