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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taipei Restaurant At Night Explained

I received this note from David in response to my previous post:

The picture you posted under "Taipei Restaurant At Night" shows they were serving iced plum juice. I grew up in Taipei and these pictures sure bring back a lot of memories.

I also remember that there seemed to be a small US military base, or maybe just an office, near National Taiwan University (Roosevelt Rd. Sec 4). Does anyone else remember this?
David, you can view a map that Sarj Bloom sent to me a few weeks ago by clicking here. It's from around 1960 and it shows several embassies and US military locations in the city. If you click on the map itself, you can view a larger version. I'm not sure where the university was located, but perhaps you can locate it and then figure out what might have been located close to it. If anyone reading this has an idea, please add a comment here.

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