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Friday, June 13, 2008

Formosa (Beautiful) 2

Sarj Bloom continues his thoughts on his assignment to Taiwan:

Formosa (Beautiful) 2

Down the mountain

Monday morning the gray Navy van arrives
Down the mountain to USTDC
I check-in and everyone is friendly
I meet my new shipmates and I like them right away

We spend a lot of time talking
I learn what my jobs will be
Charlie, Dan and Hobbs make me feel at home
They shares tips about this new country

Time to ride in the van back up the mountain
Back up the mountain to my room
It’s peaceful here and the service is great
But it’s lonely and too quiet for me

I write letters and tell my parents about this place
I even draft a letter to an old girlfriend
Would she consider coming over here?
I think she would like it and maybe we could ...?

Down to the City

Into the van and back down the mountain
I don’t think I can keep doing this
I need more freedom to come and go
I think I will move into town

I find an apartment very close to work
Charlie lives in the same neighborhood
It’s upstairs to stay away from floods
It has two bedrooms like boxes in an open space

Down from the clean mountain air and quiet
Down to the city noise and air pollution
Away from clouds and mist to smog and soot
I’m no longer isolated and I’m free to explore

I don’t wander too far at night
Side streets are dark with few street lights
Walking on main streets is dangerous too
Buses and Taxi’s drive fast without their lights

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