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Friday, June 6, 2008

Neighborhood Restaurants

Sarj Bloom was reminiscing about the places where we consumed many of our meals in Taipei. He mentioned the Club 63 (more formal) and the Navy Club (more intimate), but the place that he visited most often was the jiaozi stand, just down the alley from where he lived.

He says, "I noticed that someone else mentioned eating 'dumplings' too. You could also get the best beef noodle soup that I've ever had. My roommate Joe Kowalowski and I sometimes went further downtown by the theater to get the best rice soup I have ever tasted. Now, my grandmother made good rice soup and that is probably why it is still my favorite, but the rice soup served on the street corners of downtown Taipei was the best.

I believe that this traveling restaurant was resting and stocking up for the nighttime business."

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