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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fishing For Photos Of Taichung

Michael Turton is an American educator working in Taiwan. He writes a blog entitled The View From Taiwan, in which he discusses everything from political issues to his numerous travels (and excellent photographs) around Taiwan, especially the Taichung area.

He was recently contacted by an American who was stationed at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base, near Taichung, around 1973. This person asked for a photograph of his old apartment building, located on Ta-peng Rd, Lane 2, Alley 52, numbers 44-50 in Taichung, near Morrison school.

Michael went to the area, but believes the buildings he saw were newer than the one requested. You can read about his adventure here.

Anyway, if anyone has any photographs of that area, especially from the early 1970s, please let me know, or you can email Michael directly through his blog.

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Anonymous said...

If you dig around on there are a few photos from that era taken in Taichung.

Tip. Use the photo taken date feature to search for photos taken between a range of dates otherwise you'll get too many results.