Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I just received some more excellent photographs from Stev Pitchford, former USTDC photographer. The photos and his comments follow:

An Air Force officer at TDC, Lt. Colonel Tinsley, pointed out an area of Taipei that I probably wouldn't have discovered on my own. He was not a photographer by job description, but he was an avid amateur and liked to get out and take pictures of life around the city. After leaving USTDC and crossing the bridge, if you wandered into the area between the road to Grass Mountain and the Keelung River, you would see scenes like these.

While both areas were quite busy, downtown Taipei was quite a contrast to that part of town.
I don't know what the chances are of Colonel Tinsley ever seeing these. But just in case: Colonel, thanks for pointing me in this direction.



sarj said...

Stev More great photos. Thanks. These photos remind me of how few cars there were on the streets in those days. If you can imagine me driving my '57 Chevy down those street, as I did, you would know why both sides of my car had many scratches.

George said...


Great photos. Someone should show these to some of the youngsters in Taipei today and they would appreciate how much Taipei and their lives have changed. We saw these sights, but you have captured them perfectly. As a historian I congratulate you once again.


Anonymous said...

Great pix. The one with the little kid next to the canal reminded me of walking along one of the canals one day and I saw
one farmer washing his water buffalo, a few feet away a couple of kids were splashing around in the water (uck) and just a few more feet upstream was a Taiwanese guy taking a dump.

Right then I knew that it was true-East and West will never meet!!!

Thanks for the memories!

Jim Sartor

Anonymous said...

Taipei changed. It looks quite different from the pictures. Maybe it's the price of development. All modern big cities are similar in appearance