Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A July 4th in Taipei

Dennis McNelis, who was at USTDC during 1973-1974 (Army-ASA), sent in some photos of the celebration that was held at Taipei American School on July 4, 1974.

He writes:

Autos and motorcycles where on display. Booths where set up from the Navy Exchange as well as local vendors. A track meet was held for the kids.
Mr. and Mrs. Ortiz (cannot remember their first names). He worked in the reproduction shop at the back of the TDC building by the barber shop. I think his first name may have been Mike.
Cindy (Kim Kaw Yur), Mr. and Mrs. Ortiz and in the middle of Mr. and Mrs. Ortiz making the face is Mr. Henry (can't remember his first name either). Mr. Henry, like Mr. Ortiz, was stationed at TDC in the reproduction shop. Both Ortiz and Henry were Navy guys.

Local vendor selling this handmade candy on a stick. The detail is something else!
Donald "Ski" Machowski was a judge this day for the kids' track events. Ski was an Army guy with Stratcom stationed at the comm center in the basement at TDC. Ski drowned Aug 24, 1975 in Taipei while on a Hash House Harriers run crossing a river. He was my roommate throughout 1974.
This is Jerry Ball, another Army guy who worked in the Administration Bldg in the East Compound near the baseball field. Jerry also volunteered to be a judge this day.
Jerry and Ski.

Ted Omen and his motorcycle. Ted was in the Navy and stationed at the Hospital.
A few of the guys stationed in Taipei at the time used to locate old motorcycles, some of them WWII vintage, and have them restored.


George said...


Nice photos, noticed a nice Mustang among the cars....

Since I ate at FASD quite a lot (every day), I seem to remember Cindy, but not sure. Since I was stationed there in 65-67, did she work there starting in 66? If not, I've got the wrong gal.



Misty said...

I remember the guy selling those hand made figures at TAS. They were made of some type of rice paste and didn't last too long once you got them home.

Dennis said...

Cindy worked at the FASD Cafteria in the East Compound in 1973 and 1974. Around Aug of 74 Cindy changed jobs and worked in the PX.

Right on top if it yet again - thanks. Weren't those hand made figures made to be consumed and not displayed? I thought I remember eating them and they where sweet.


Dennis McNelis