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Sunday, June 8, 2008

English to Chinese Name Translation

This has nothing at all to do with USTDC, but it's an interesting website that I found today and I thought I'd pass it along.

During their assignments to Taiwan, many military folks had their names translated into Chinese. The characters might then be engraved or imprinted on something like a plaque or coffee mug. It was a nice souvenir of time spent in that country.

Those of us who never got around to having our names translated can now do it on-line by going to this website. There are first names for both men and women, as well as many family names. It displays gif files of the Chinese characters that you can then save to your computer. I don't have any idea how accurate these are, but I thought you might enjoy them. There are several other links at the site (tattoos, anyone?) so be sure to do some exploring.


George said...


You will be glad to know that the first character in your name is also used for a famous duck, you know him as Donald. Being "Tong" or the same character for the Tong Dynasty. Your two characters read something like "Tong-en"


Don said...

Thanks, George.

My goodness, the things I've learned since I started this blog! ;-)