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Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Problem

I was able to find and insert some code that eliminated the dreaded light box image viewing, so now you can just click on any image to see a larger version just as you've been able to in the past.  If you click on the image once, you'll see a slightly larger version.  If you then click on that version, you'll see an even larger version.  I hope that this resolves the problem permanently.

Thanks for your patience.



titojohn said...

This certainly is NOT an improvement. I hope the powers to be listen to reason and reverse this absurd change.

Andy said...

It's a shocking decision that has ruined my blog and all those I visit regularly. What were they thinking by imposing a design decision on their users?

Hopefully it will be disposed of soon but it doesn't appear, so far, that anyone at Google thinks it's a problem.