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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taipei American School

I received a nice note from Victor this morning.  He provided a link to this image of the first home of Taipei American School, that was taken sometime during the 1950s.  There are literally thousands of such images at, home of Taipei Marc's amazing collection of early Taiwan postcards and photos.

Victor wrote:

"I believe the school was on Chang'an East Road back then. Anybody know its exact location (

In the summer of 1953, TAS constructed a much larger campus at Chang'an East Road.  In 1956, TAS graduated its first class of 14 seniors. By then, the Chang'an campus had approximately 50 faculty members and 1,000 students. In 1957, Mr. Wayne Nesbitt served as the first superintendent of the school.

In 1959, TAS purchased a 22 acre (89,000 m²) site in Shilin for a new campus. In March 1960, the kindergarten and lower school moved into a 36-classroom 5-wing complex on the site. The upper school remained at the Chang'an campus until 1964, when the last upper school facilities were completed."


Anonymous said...


This website has some old photos of TAS back in the 60's. I will be sending you a photo of the original TAS gate in 1949.


Victor said...

Thx for the post. I've found more info about the TAS in the 1950s. It's next to the ZhongShan Girl High School and the ZhongZheng Elementary School.

The person from left in the second photo of the following website is Wayne E. Nesbit, the principal of TAS in 1957.

Victor said...
I think I've found its location. Please see the yellow square on ZhuLun St in the above image, where the Sports Affairs Council and the the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee are located nowadays.

Some of the houses in the 1950s photo(the upper left part of the photo) are still there today. Please see the purple square in the above image.

Anne said...

I was in the first kindergarten class at the school! How fun to see the pictures! We had a great merry-go-round swing in the center playground area. I've got some more pictures of it I can dig up.;

Victor said...
The address of TAS on Chang'an East Road is No 3, Lane 153, Section 2, Zhang'an(Chang'an) East Road, Taipei(台北市長安東路二段一五三巷三號).