Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Friday, April 22, 2011

More on TDC's Back Entrance

Stev Pitchford annotated (in black) the map from the last post to show the route he used to take from the rear entrance to his workplace in the photo lab.  He says that there was no passageway from the main building to the building behind it at that time.  I extended his path to show (in red) the route that I took to the TDC main entrance.

I tried to figure out where my office was but I've pretty much forgotten the layout of the interior of the building, except for the main lobby  (shown below in a really rough sketch!) and the interior of my office.

If anyone would like to take a shot at diagramming the building's interior (lower or upper floor), please send me whatever you come up with.

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Stev said...


I see I need to clarify my "open passage" comment to you. There was a connection between the main building and the building behind it. The second floor connection was enclosed. There was an open walkway between the buildings below that second floor connection.