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Saturday, March 19, 2011

MAAG Officers Open Mess

I received a very nice note from Elizabeth Feldmann, wife of Captain Gerald Feldmann, the MAAG Officers Club Officer during 1960-1961.  His club manager was Air Force Chief Warrant Officer V.W. Loiselle, whom I mentioned about a year ago.  She wrote about the exciting times in Taiwan and the beauty of the country.

Elizabeth provided these great photographs of the MAAG O-Club that were taken in 1960.

There is the front of the building, the main bar, the dining room and the lounge.  She writes that there was also a stag bar, swimming pool and a barber shop at the facility.   She and her family lived across the street in a compound that she believes was referred to as MAAGville back then.

According to old friend Kent Mathieu (Taipei Air Station blog), who was night manager at the O-Club Annex, the main club was located on Chung Shan North Road, across the street from the FASD Hostel and about a hundred yards or so to the north.

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