Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taiwan Report - Quick Reference

At the end of The Taiwan Report (1973) was a section of quick reference stuff. I suppose that's why they called it the Quick Reference Section. It included important phone numbers, operating hours of clubs and other facilities, and an English-Chinese listing of popular destinations. I assume the idea was that one could point to the destination he wanted and a cab driver could get him there.

There are ten pages in this section and I included them all in this post. Click on any page for a larger version.

I just want to once again thank Les Duffin for taking the time to scan and clean up the more than 100 pages of this booklet. It was no small task and I really appreciate all his effort. As I've said before, the book is a great snapshot in time and I'm sure that many of us had long ago forgotten much of the information that it contained. I'm really pleased that I've had the opportunity to record it here for future reference.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the TAIWAN REPORT. As a sponser of new people on island for USACC numerous times we always sent them a copy of the book several months before their arrival so they could properly prepare.
It brought back many memories.

Thanks again

Wei Hsin Li said...

Page 116(photo 8)
Jade section
Wan Dah Jade Factory...
The building is still there.
I'll take some photos and send to you later.
I used to live very close to Tien Mou tree from 1968~1984. Later moved to the end of Tien Mou 1 road, and live here since.
I have lots good memories when USTDC was around.