Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sung Shan (Songshan) Airport

Les Duffin took several photos of Sung Shan Airport back in 1965-1966. All of us were familiar with the place because it was where we began and ended our tours in Taipei.

Some have described the new sights, smells, heat and humidity that they experienced as they stepped off the plane here. I said goodbye to a number of good friends here and said goodbye to other friends when it was my turn to leave.

I understand that the airport handles only domestic flights today. The airport's website can be found here.


sarj said...

The first and second photos sure bring back memories to me. That is how it looked when I arrived in September of 1961.
In the fourth photo behind the CAT jet are some DC-3's, and that is what I flew into Taipei on from Clark Air Field in the Philippines.
I don't remember any jets landing or taking off from that airport even in 1963 when I covered some departures and arrivals of dignitaries.
Some runways still had bomb craters in them from WWll. I guess they made the place bigger after 1963 in order to have jet and international traffic.?

Anonymous said...

Just came across the 2 photos of the CAT DC-6B, rear view (wow!)of the chi-pao clad 3 stewardesses and the airplane being serviced. I recently querried ex CAT'ers about where the photos were taken assuming Taipei but I wanted proof,just not some guess.

Well now we know, it was 1963, Songshan, and the DC3s were from some cargo operator from Clark.

Who was the Clark opertor?

Bart Crotty, Air Asia/CAT/AAM 1963-68.