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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Old Friends

Yesterday I posted a key personnel roster from 1974 that included several individuals at USTDC. Most of the names were familiar to me, since I returned to the States in August of that year.

One name that stood out was LCDR Jay Coupe, who was our Public Affairs officer. He was a really great guy and I remember him as almost always being in a good mood -- a rare trait for Navy officers (kidding...sort of). I believe that my friend Larry Sherman and I "house-sat" for Mister Coupe when he and his wife took a trip to Hong Kong for a few days.

I did a Google search on him and was saddened to learn that he died a couple of years ago and that he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. His obituary in the Washington Post revealed that he was eventually promoted to Captain 0-6 and that he was the Public Affairs officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A few years ago I made contact with one guy that I knew at TDC -- Larry Driscoll, a Yeoman Second Class who also worked in J-1 -- but lost contact again a few months later. He was a good guy. There were lots of good guys. I hope that life has been kind to all of them.

How about the rest of you? Have you stayed in touch with any of the folks that you worked with in Taipei?

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Lacey said...

I was talking about USTDC just today at lunch. Then came up and started googling names of some friends. I arrived in USTDC forty years ago this week as a CYN seaman (E-3?)and my roommate was another CYN named Don Smith. We became best friends...eventually moved out of those barracks in to the hostel. Later I was stationed in Long Beach and maintained a friendship with Don's parents who lived in Torrance, just a few miles away. After we got out of the Navy in late 1971, we visited back and forth across the country quite a few times. The last time I saw don was sometime in the eighties..can't remember exactly when, but he died at age 43 so that would be about 17 years ago. It's hard to believe it was that long ago. Well, Don was my best friend then, and I guess he still is today. As the kids now say, BFF. I still miss Don.

Thanks for the "old friends" post.