Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Key Personnel Listing

Les Duffin came through again, this time with a listing of key personnel at the U.S. Embassy, USTDC, MAAG, 327th Air Division and other U.S. activities.

This document was dated 4 October 1974. Click on any page to see a full size version.

Several of the names on the USTDC listing are familiar to me. I had forgotten that there was a big turnover of TDC's senior leadership not long before I departed in August 1974. The previous Commander was VADM Beshany. His Chief of Staff was USAF Brig Gen Burrows, and the J-1 (my boss's boss) was a Navy Captain (0-6), whose name I've since forgotten. He was replaced by USAF Colonel Peters.


George said...

Don and Les,

Talk about rare documents. This may be the only surviving copy with all others trashed years ago. All of the Navy Captains and Army and Air Force Colonels and plenty of them. A lot of brass.

minnie said...

I have a few chinese newspaper articles and pictures from 67-69 when my Dad CSM Veasey was a MAAG advisor. We lived on a navy compound 1st house on the left right behind Wainwright School. Have yearbook nad pictures of Sgt. 10 and Sgt.Smiley 2 drivers that I remember.
Also we used to got to a club I thought was Club 67 (maybe) where a lady would always be eating noodles so we called her Noodle.
I was in the 3rd grade and my teachers name was Mrs. Tuskiano.
Christy Veasey