Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Kinmen Photos

Back in May I posted several photos from Kinmen, along with some comments about the activities on the island in those days.

Sarj Bloom just sent me four more photos from 1962, all in color. His comments are included:

Here are some more photos of Kinmen taken by PH3 Gallagher who was stationed with me at USTDC. He is the tall thin guy in the first picture. He took these photographs , as you can see by the date stamp, in May 1962.

These are more individuals setting balloons off toward the Mainland as was the thing to do in those days.
Now in this photo I was told that the plane was sent to bring girls and drink for the ROC troops stationed there. You can see a girl exiting the plane with what looks like wine bottles in a basket.
I must have forgotten what this photo is of or what it says. Gallagher must have told me but I just have no idea. Maybe some other who know Chinese can interpret what it says. Maybe it's just Chinese graffiti.


lsduffin said...

First, the photo is upside down, and most of it is not clear enough to read. There is a date on the bottom, November 17, 1961, written in Chinese characters, plus another date written in Arabic numerals. That one is sometime in 1960. The rest looks like lots of scribbling. Maybe just graffiti.

sarj said...

I will rescan at a larger size so you can read , hopefully, and also turn it right side up. I'll resend it to Don with a note.

Don said...

Sheesh! I should have caught that because the date stamp was on the right side instead of the left like the others.

I rotated the photo and replaced the one that was there.

Thanks, Les.

Anonymous said...

It's just graffiti

Wei2go said...

Ther're right about the date.
In the middle..."無事少來"
that means..."Don't come here unless you have to"
something like that.