Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sung Shan (Songshan) Airport - Part 2

After receiving some comments about the planes at the airport during the mid-sixties, I thought I'd post some of the other shots that Les provided.

I'm sure that I flew in and out on jet aircraft when I was there in the mid-seventies, but back in 1963 when I flew from San Francisco to Okinawa, it was on a Lockheed Super Constellation -- a propeller-driven aircraft.


FOARP said...

Love the Chinagraphed "CAT" decals on the planes - I guess these were from the above-board CAT and not the CIA side of things. I saw an interesting website on it here:

You know, somebody ought to set up a museum or something dedicated to CAT in Taiwan.

Don said...

What a great link, foarp! Thanks so much for providing it. I knew a little bit about CAT, but didn't know any details. I'm glad that the folks at UT Dallas are compiling the details.