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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Surprise Reunion

Jim Sartor sent me some more stories that he remembered from his USTDC days. I got a real chuckle out of this one:

One of the Navy draftsmen at TDC came to Taipei, leaving his new wife in the U.S. One fine evening at the Club, the place was jam packed and this particular Draftsman was there with his "local friend". His wife had, unbeknownst to him and everyone else, flown into Taipei on a commercial airline and had tracked him down at the club. Believe me, it was truly a sight to see when American wife meets "local friend" and American wife's hubby in the middle of the Club 63. Needless to say, this got back to the Admiral at TDC and hubby and American wife were on the next plane back to the U.S. Much amusement for one and all that were there that night.
I'll bet!

I don't think I ever saw anything exactly like this, but I did know a couple of American wives who packed up and headed back to the States because their marriages fell apart in Taipei. It was an easy place to go wrong, that's for sure.

One of my favorite stories that made the rounds while I was there concerned a married military guy who left his family in the States while he served the shorter, unaccompanied tour. Well, before long he had himself a "special friend" with whom he shared his apartment.

But at some point he and his wife decided that he should apply to have her join him, which of course meant that his "friend" would have to make other housing arrangements.

Well the wife arrived, got moved into her new digs, and everything was sweetness and light.

But then this genius decided that he would hire his "ex-friend" to be the family's amah, or maidservant.

The next morning at breakfast the amah poured our hero a cup of coffee and started to add cream. The wife spoke up, "Oh, he doesn't take cream in his coffee." To which the amah sweetly replied, "Oh yes he does!"


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