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Monday, January 14, 2008


Bill Kling sent me a note that included some of the recreational activities that he and others participated in while in Taipei. I think I mentioned earlier on this blog that I was on the "TDC Nooner's League," which headed out to bowl at noon one day each week (Thursdays, I think). My team was Granny's Guys, named after that old cartoon character in Playboy and our shirts had her image embroidered on the back.

Here's Bill's list:

I remember very clearly all of the great activities in Taipei if you were sports minded. Among the things I did in my almost 5 years were:

Mens Bowling in Taipei, also Captains Cup Tournaments

Men/Women Bowling in Tien Mou.

Played slowpitch softball for USACC – they were call the Grass Mountain Outaws. I am sure TDC had a team.

Played in the paddleball tournaments. All services were represented.

Took numerous trips to Camp McCauley, sometimes on picnics with my unit, once with TDC as a guest.

I watched Fast Pitch softball, I remember TDC, Taipei Air Station, and Shu Linkou all being very good. I wasn’t good enough to play!

Horseshoe Tournaments on the West Compound. Again, I watched only.

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