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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Selective Memory

One thing I'm discovering as I record some of these memories is how I seem to be able to recall some of the most insignificant things about my tour during 1973-1974, but I draw a complete blank on things such as the layouts of the various buildings like TDC, the bowling alley, the Navy Exchange, the Commissary, etc. I came across a good example of one of these Trivial Pursuit memories this evening.

My boss was an Army lieutenant colonel (that's Commander for all you Navy types out there). I remember quite a bit about him: his voice, his manner, his American and Taiwanese secretaries (Helen and ??), and how he had his office arranged.

But for some reason, what I remember most clearly is that he had this print hanging over his desk. I'm assuming he was an artillery officer at some point in his career and I guess I was just fascinated enough by this thing that it stuck in my memory. Don't ask me where I usually ate lunch over there, but I've always remembered that quote from Frederick the Great.


Bicyclesidewalk said...

What a gem of a blog to find! I came across your wonderful memories this morning, and wow, what a my book - near to winning the lottery!
A quick intro - My name is Nathan, I am from North Carolina, however I have lived in Japan for the last 8 years. My wife is Taiwanese and we are living in Fukuoka at the moment.
I am probably half your age - 31 - your memories and attitude towards life are like a walk in a moment of light, the best Sunday afternoon anywhere any summer day...fresh, amazingly refreshing, and history straight from the horses mouth!
I will link you up over at my site -

Thank you.
Nathan Miller

Don said...

My name is Don and I approve of this message.

Seriously, Nathan, thanks very much for the kind words. It's been my hope that my ramblings, along with the valuable input from many other "old timers" here, would help provide some insight into a time and place that no longer exists.

That you get some pleasure from reading it is a bonus.

Best regards,