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Monday, January 7, 2008

Aussies at the 63 Club

I don't have a lot to write on this topic, but I just wanted to mention it while I was thinking about it. Maybe some others will chime in later with more info.

One of the occasional "drop-ins" at the 63 Club (China Seas) stag bar was a group of Australians who worked on the offshore oil rigs around Taiwan. I don't know how much time they had to spend at their work site, but every now and then they would come ashore to blow off a little steam. Nobody ever checked club membership cards at the stag bar so it wasn't a big deal for non-members to be there.

I just remember them as a friendly and hard-partying bunch who consumed large quantities of adult beverages, buying occasional rounds for the house along the way, before heading out for town later in the evening.

They'd sometimes get a bit rowdy, as you might expect from a group of guys who'd been isolated for weeks or months at a time, but I don't think there were ever any serious incidents at the stag bar when they were in town. They'd mostly just shoot pool, play shuffleboard, drop quarters in the jukebox, hit on any female sailors who happened to be there and keep bartenders Pete and Bobo very, very busy.

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