Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Club 63 Ashtray

I stumbled across a website today called The Dog Tag, which offers all kinds of old military items for sale.

I don't know anything about the site or its owner, but I was quite surprised to see an old brass ashtray (under the Lighters category) from the Club 63 for sale...for $200.00!

I don't recall seeing any of these things while I was there, and I'm wondering if maybe they were some sort of promotional item. Does anyone recall if the Club 63 had a gift shop where something like this might have been sold, or if they were they actually used in the club?

In any case, it's certainly not something you see every day.


Theo said...

I was in Taiwan at USTDC J-6 1968-1969. The Club 63 ashtray was given to members of the club when they departed Taiwan.
Ted W ET1

Don said...

Mystery solved. Thanks, Theo.